"Soulful Vocalist" - {Express Magazine - 1000th Edition 2006}

Debut Album: Someday Now - Now Available!

If you are a fan of original music you will not be disappointed and Maera Paki's debut album, 'Someday Now' is a must in your music collection. Recorded and mastered in Perth WA, 'Someday Now' showcases some of Australia's and New Zealand's finest musicians.

this debut album contains...

01. What's Done Is Done
02. Compromise
03. Order
04. Freedom
05. Albany Song
06. Calling
07. Fire
08. Slow Ride
09. Whaingaroa
10. Lover
11. Fly
12. Break Me

Someday Now can be purchased online for $25.00 + $5 postage

Also Available from:

Planet - Mt Lawley WA
78 Records - Perth City WA
Mills Records - Fremantle WA
Urban Records - Leederville WA
Junction Records - Fremantle WA

The songs showcased on the album are a diverse collection of blues, soul, roots, reggae and indie - with no genre clearly defined, as this artist crosses all musical boundaries. Maera Paki's seasoned, powerful voice will captivate any audience.

Taking you on a journey of her life through experiences of love, loss and happy times. You will build a friendship with her music that will leave you wanting to know more.

Also Available: Maera Paki Support Crew T-Shirts through

Maera has the talent to show and portray so many styles of music in a single session. You are guaranteed to experience Soul, Soft Rock, R&B, Reggae, Country and Blues and more from this artist.

Maera's strong vocal abilities range from the low to high registers, and feedback from listeners, have likened her voice from Aretha Franklin to Tracy Chapman.

"I cannot be defined by a single style because I am inspired by so many."

I am continually asked "what genre do you fall in to?" I do not have a genre and argue the point that not every emotion or feeling is the same, nor does it always fit into a category, so how could one song possibly sound like another? When each song represents a different feeling or emotion?

Not everyone or everything has to be the same, I am not here to compete with or fight for my place in the music world, music speaks louder than any given thing, it's whether you let it in, understand it or feel it that makes the difference..." Read More about Maera

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